Thursday, April 18, 2013

Goin' bananas over Yonanas!

The kids and I had a blast trying out our new Yonana Healthy Dessert Maker. I found this at SM Makati supermarket, strategically displayed near the banana stand at the fruit section. 

We froze some ripe bananas (as instructed) and excitedly put them into the Yonana Dessert Maker ... 

What we got was banana soft serve ice cream with a smooth and creamy consistency.. Perfect for summer! 

We had to eat it right away because the ice cream turns a bit slimy when it's fully melted. The bananas give the smooth and creamy base and the berries add texture. 

For our next batch, I want to try bananas with mangoes or pineapples. The trick is to use very ripe fruits for sweetness because we don't add any sugar. 

Yonanas lets kids and adults enjoy fruit in a fun new way! 

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