Saturday, August 4, 2012

S&R Shopping ...

It was a rainy Saturday when we decided to go to S&R at the Fort. What keeps me coming back here would be the variety of imported grocery items, yummy cheese pizza and baked chicken roll.  

Today, we were looking for the Severin Raclette Grill. They didn't have it at the Fort so we headed to S&R at Mall of Asia. It was worth the trip because my hubby and daughter enjoyed a fun D-I-Y grilled sausage and cheese dinner. (P1,799.95)

I always find unique yummy eats. This time, the  limited-edition (100th Anniversary) Golden Oreo Fudge Cremes got my attention because of the Birthday Cake creme ... who can resist that? (P349.95)

We also liked the stainless steel Contigo water bottles.  These are great because they can keep water cold for up to 20 hours! It's leak-proof and has an easy pop-up spout. (P1,499.95 for 2 water bottles)

We also spotted some ground roasted Illy Espresso in a limited edition can ... had to have that too! (P579.95)

After grocery shopping, we had some cheese pizza, baked chicken roll and cinnamon sugar churros ...  

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  1. Try grilling white cheese/quesong puti with it. Nomnom!! :D